G-Shock BG169G-1

Gone are the days when watches were considered a “man’s thing”! The taste and needs of women are quickly evolving and are attracting the attention of watchmakers who are acknowledging the change. Casio is one of the watchmakers that are taking the lead in making models with lots of ‘complications’ custom-made with women in mind. The new BG169G-1 model is the original flower image tailored just for the active women of today — the woman that loves her looks and wants to make a lasting impression. This model comes explicitly in various shades of pink-more like a bouquet. Our stores located at the Dadeland Mall Miami, Florida, we offer you this and much more!


BG169G-1 presents a mature design that is oval-shaped and measures about 42 mm case diameter x 20 mm bandwidth. The case has a thickness of about 14 mm making it sturdy and holds it right in place. If you are a woman that has an eye for good stuff and likes flaunting fashionable items, BG169G-1 is the watch for you. This timeless piece is accented by the liberal use of rose-gold metal parts that it gives it a gorgeous and colorful fashion look to match every outfit in your closet.

It is the popular 200-meter or 660 feet water resistant accessory that often makes it have a casual feel. The gloss black resin digital strap with a pink face strikes a balance between simplicity and elegance. The bezel is fixed it a 1950s look and holds the glass and watch face in place, hence, protecting it from damage and malfunctioning.

The fun, feminine and durable watch is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as an extreme sun, surf, wind, and rain. It is made out of mineral crystal that is scratch, shock and magnetic resistant, giving it durability.

The BG169G-1 offers a quartz movement that gives a functional digital chronograph design. With a digital dial display of hours, minutes and seconds, am/pm, date and week, the watch gives you precision when you are on track and looking to keep time. If you are adventurous ad woman that loves traveling across time zones, you do not have to worry one bit! This watch offers city code display, daylight saving as well as World Time across 29 zones and 30 cities around the globe-how is that for functionality and an effortless adjustment wherever and whenever.  To keep track of events, the watch allows you to set up to 5 alarms daily and offers a countdown timer, speed indicator, and stopwatch.

This watch combines a wave of fashion and functionality with its 25pg Databank memory capacity that allows up to 25 sets of data to be stored here. The storage has so many data fields such as name, telephone number, automatic sorting of 30 cities by their world time, city code among others. If you are preparing for a big day ahead, you can just use the day counter to automatically count down the days from your current date to the target date. So, what are you waiting for?


BG169G-1 is for the woman that does not only rely on the functionality of having a watch but also adores its technical aspect. Head down to our stores at the Dadeland Mall Miami, Florida and get yours today