Garmin Fenix 5S

The Fenix 5S is smaller, sleeker and lighter than the previous models, it is ideal for elegant small wrists without preceding multisport functionality. It boasted the compactness and preloaded wrist-based mapping like other Fenix watches animated packed features for any adventure in one new industrial design.

German Fenix 5S is 24/7 wearable, daily tracking activities, with elongated battery durability, a host of connected specifications and a wrist heart rate technology. The latest advancement QuickFit bands allow you to swiftly switch between metal and leather bands to silicone without any equipment.

Fenix 5S is dubbed as the future of GPS multisport timepiece with a built-in storage music playlist, routable topographical maps, Pulse Oximeter 1 at the wrist for altitude acclimation awareness and contactless payment solution, the Garmin Pay.

This one of the most advanced sport watches in the market today. It’s jam-packed with specs for golf, swimming, cycling, skydiving and even running. Most of this timepiece features are hidden in the sub-menus and can be a bit complex to spot. The 5S has a stainless steel bezel, fiber-enhanced polymer body, and a round face. It is relatively thick with flashing green heart rate sensors, with a swollen underside.

The upper button on the right gives you sports options; the button on the bottom right gets you a stride back to the watch interface allowing you to mark the laps. There’s a backlight button on the left side of the face and two buttons that perform as both down/up keys and shortcuts to data pages (indicating local weather, calories burned, recent notifications, altitude and daily step count).

Garmin Fenix 5S Tracks Every Sport

The 1.1 inches multicolor and transflective display, with an upgraded resolution of 218 X 218 pixels. You can comfortably see it in the sunlight, and it's pertinent to note there’s not much innovation on 5S display. However, it has the GPS, a gyroscope, Glonass, an altimeter, an accelerometer, a compass, and a barometer. It records hiking, running, treadmill running, trail running, open water swims, sleeping, strength training and more. If your sport is not on the list, you can create a new folder for it- using the watch’s keys. This is what makes the Fenix 5S the FENIX: it does not only track your training, it displays crazy granular amounts of data around.

Fenix 5S Breaks your Workout Down into Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Activities

This monster of watches will break down your training into anaerobic and aerobic workout zones when you are done. It presents a VO2 max estimation and your current workout status- whether you are training as usual or you are overdoing not forgetting your training load.

Garmin Fenix 5S is the multisport GPS timepiece to beat. This is a commitment watch. It’s a heavy duty sports watch and this for that matter with the smaller version being a little more of aspiration. Add this timepiece to your collection not because you are already at the fitness peak but because you want to at the top. And you might just put it on every day, too.

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