This is a modern watch with a classic look. Vivoactive 3 brings tech ultra-light package into style. The pulse information comes from the wrist, appreciations to Garmin’s Elevate ocular heart rate monitor. In or outside, an accelerometer converts your movement into readable data, showing your credit workout in the trails and gym. GPS indicates distance and speed information while outdoors.

Pairing Vivoactive 3 with free Garmin connect the application on the smartphone you access your feature: control phone apps like VIRB camera or music players, receive notifications and review notifications. Follow daily lows and highs by tracking stressors and checking your heart rate variability. It will reduce stress levels when high by relaxing the timer step by step. It will monitor your heart rate 24/7 and all the activities while guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Where Vivoactive 3 Shines

Garmin has built-in GPS which are now de rigueur for smartwatches. Vivoactive has been outfitting workout trackers, and these features have proven the company’s accuracy towards its sensors. You open a training by pressing the timepiece’s side button and picking from the litany of activities. It displays super bright, and you can see yourself running from outside. You can track stat like pace, mileage and heart rate. After synchronizing the workout session, the app displays a map of your route. The sensors measures your Vo2 max score monitors your daily stress levels and your fitness age. The Garmin app takes note of public information from similar users about segments and courses while comparing your data against them.

Design: Round, Comfortable, and Simple to Use

This watch interface relies on the crown or side button and a combination of touch screen power. You tap the watch face to view Smartphone notification while pausing workout you press the button. Vivoactive 3 is designed with a round watch face that looks analog smartwatch or fitness tracker. It has a preinstalled face, but you can still install new faces. This shows time, however, the display dims when in a dormant mode to conserve battery. It is gigantic with 43 mm but fashionably oversized. A touch of the face shows menu; set the alarm, change phone settings, view your stats and set the alarm. Swipe on the front to have a general view of your daily activities, recent notifications, and weather.

Garmin Pay: Make a Secure, Quick Payment

Vivoactive 3 has a mobile payment system called Garmin pay; you can pay for goods and services received by holding it near the payment terminal. An NFC icon stands when a restaurant or store accepts mobile payment with Garmin pay. You put in payment details by snapping a picture of your physical card or adding manually and then verify your details with credit card issuers or bank. This process takes a few minutes.

Tap on wallet icon and long press the side button, to use Garmin pay app. You can use multiple cards by swiping down; you will see the last four digits of your card with its photo. Since its inception, Time Square Florida has earned the reputation as a leading and most prominent Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch provider.